Back to work...

Saisha Grayson and Crhistopher Watkins at Abrons Art Center.jpg

Not to be hyperbolic but it's been really hard to write anything ever since the election. But I had a great meeting today with two very inspiring art people and activists: Saisha Grayson & Christopher Watkins. So I'm getting back on the blog horse. 

I was on the board of the South Asian Women's Creative Collective (SAWCC) for the last two years. It's a fantastic little nonprofit that champions artists/creative professionals that identify as female and South Asian.

This year, I am organizing SAWCC's visual arts exhibition. Saisha Grayson (pictured above) is our curator and Christopher Watkins is the Director of Visual Arts at our venue, Abrons Art Center. The three of us walked through the galleries today and talked about our exhibition, possible programs, and the importance of art in the next 4 years. Felt very motivated. 

For more about SAWCC's upcoming show read this. More about Saisha M. Grayson here. And more about the Abrons Art Center here

Show dates TBD. Stay tuned!

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