Big museum strategy: Divide & conquer

Temple of Dendur Projection.jpeg

Hubby & I have a new tradition: whenever a Sunday rolls around that is free of weddings, group brunches, or ill-devised-home-improvement-projects we charge our phones, grab some comfy headphones (these insane things for him and plain iphone headphones for me) and head to the Met. We pick a section, load up the audio-guide, on our aforementioned charged phones, and wander through the galleries REALLY SLOWLY . Usually we'll spend 2 hours tops in the museum and then we'll go eat.

Why is this a big deal?

I visit the Met a lot. But I realized that I was always going under one of two conditions:
i) To give out-of-town guests a whirlwind tour
ii) See some blockbuster temporary exhibition on closing day

And every time I hurriedly walked around this great institution I'd walk by some room/gallery I've never seen before and be like 'ooo I want to stop and look at this but I can't because I need to show my Uncle the Temple Of Dendur' or 'I only have one hour to see that other show before it leaves NYC.' 

I didn't really know much about the Met's permanent collection!!! Unforgivable. So we instituted this new strategy. Our plan is to work our way through the entire museum, listening to EVERY SINGLE AUDIO GUIDE (I love audio guides). We'll basically be geniuses when we are done. 

Important - the 2 hour time limit is key. Museum fatigue is a real thing. 

Yesterday we ambled around the Egyptian wing - it was awesome. I learnt so much. We only made it through a third of galleries before we both started zoning out but I can't wait to go back.

Stumbled on this awesome light animation that is projected on the side of the Temple of Dendur - it's designed to show visitors how colorful the temples used to be. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Also how did I miss this?! I take every out-of-town visitor to the Temple of Dendur!!

Further reading on this projection: Color The Temple: Using Projected Light to Restore Color


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