Kerry James Marshall @ Met Breur


As always, I waited until the closing weekend to see the show that EVERYONE has been talking about. This time, show in question was Kerry James Marshall: Mastry. I really wish I'd gone I could go again. I had a lot of feeling/thoughts walking through the galleries:

Wow I've never seen so many people of color inside a Met gallery.

How amazing that there is a line around the block to see this show. I love NY.

These paintings are phenomenal.

Why did I not know about him already?

Yeah... it IS rare to see HAPPY African-American figures in history paintings. 

I love his use of color.

The Breur is mounting hit after hit. 

I hope somebody buys me this catalogue.

Two paintings have been haunting me:

'Red (If they come in the morning)

'Red (If they come in the morning)

The title of this painting, Red (If they come in the morning), is a phrase from the last line of a letter James Baldwin wrote to Angela Davis while she was in jail on a FALSE murder charge. A fitting thought for these sad days. 

For, if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.
— James Baldwin
'Still Life with Wedding Portrait'.

'Still Life with Wedding Portrait'.

 A painting of a painting being installed. An imagined image of American icon HarrietTubman on her wedding day. That black glove ...perfection.

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