New ART Year Resolutions

New Art Year Resolutions.jpg

Internal monologue while setting new #artgoals. 

1. Go to openings
You have to see the art before you read all the reviews about it. Make up your own mind! Also you work from home and are becoming a hermit. Go out and socialize. 

2. Go back alone
You know you love this. Go back when no one is there so you can REALLY see the art. 

3. See shows BEFORE the closing weekend
If you fail at 1 & 2 please just do this. 

4. Visit every room at the Met
History is important. Use the audioguide and be knowledgable about more than just contemporary art. 

5. Visit the other museums
You've been in NYC for almost 10 years and you STILL haven't stepped inside the following cultural institutions?! You're a fraud. Make it happen!
- American Folk Art Museum
- Bronx Museum of the Arts
- The Drawing Center
- El Museo Del Barrio
- The Frick Collection
- Jewish Museum
- The Morgan Library
- Studio Museum in Harlem
- Wave Hill

6. Read the essays in ArtForum
Otherwise cancel your subscription.

7. Stop buying exhibition catalogues
You don't have the space or $$

8. Spend less time thinking about 'art-outfits'
No one cares.
Test this theory by wearing the exact same thing to the next 5 openings/events (obvi an all black ensemble). 

9. Work on nicer reaction to 'I could make this'
You're alienating ppl. 

Sarah BurneyComment