NEW PROJECT: sbsb x A|P|A Institute x Zarina Hashmi

Guys, I can finally tell you: I'll be working with NYU's Asian Pacific American Institute (APA) on the upcoming Zarina Hashmi publication! This is how I feel about it: 

Zarina is APA's 2017-18 Artist In residence. I was her studio manager for 4 years, right after I graduated from college. College was great, but Zarina's studio was my real education. Art, life, religion, philosophy, tea...we discussed it all. No one has shaped the way I think as much as Zarina. Leaving her studio was hands down one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. Which is why I am so thrilled to be back there, and not just for a tea party, but back to work together. Stay tuned for more updates!

Further reading: Zarina Hashmi at A|P|A

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