So I missed all of PrintWeek 2017...

As a die-hard #printnerd, I look forward to Print Week LIT.E.RALLY all year long. What is Print Week you ask? The IFPDA print fair opens, bringing print dealers from around the world to NYC. Numerous smaller print fairs also open, at least one of the auction houses holds a 'Prints & Multiples' sale, and local galleries put their best print foot forward with print-centric exhibitions, talks, and other events. Read about all the fun I had last year here: Highlights from Print Week 2016. This past week was Print Week 2017.  I lay in bed with a cold ALL WEEK. Thanks to the magic of instagram though I got to live vicariously through (read: be jealous of) a lot of my fellow print lovers. 

Favorite part of print week will always be the @ifpda fair. #print #printmaking #woodcut #printweek #ifpda

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Munch lithos are the bestest.

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