The glamour of deinstall


#artlife can look pretty glamorous on instagram. To bring us all back down to earth here's a list of things I found myself doing while deinstalling Archival Alchemy.

  • Take artwork off the wall
  • Wrap artwork in bubble wrap
  • Make videos of everyone else taking artwork off a wall
  • Micromanage people as they wrapped artwork
  • Ruin my manicure by peeling object labels off the wall with my hands
  • Remove wall text by painstakingly peeling each letter off with a razor blade
  • Rearrange said letters from wall text into positive graffiti
  • Use a scrapper blade to speedily remove whole lines of wall text
  • Turn removed sentences into an art piece
  • Pour gallons of pickled vinegar down a slop sick 
  • Rip up adhesive floor tiles
  • Get high on gloo-off fumes trying to remove tile-adhesive from the floor
  • Fight with a Lyft driver about how to best tessellate 12 boxes (all differently sized of course) in the trunk of his car. 

The beginning of the end - art handlers extraordinaires Steven Paneccasio, Sol Erez, & Ambika Trasi take down Marium Agha's A Courtier in Love - A Two Dimensional Portrait (while I make a video).

Wall text graffiti. #madebysarahburney.

Speedy removal of wall text thanks to a scraper blade. 

Sarah Burney
A Jumble of Words, 2017
Vinyl letters, wall paint
Dimensions variable

Yours truly ripping up floor tiles. #blessed. 

Golnar Adili deinstalling her sculpture A Spatial Study of Ye Harvest from the Eleven-Page Letter.

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